Environmental Consulting Services

Axiom’s technical expertise and understanding of federal, state, and local regulations allows us to address our clients’ needs by designing, developing, and implementing multi-disciplinary solutions.

Due Diligence/Phase I Environmental Site Assessments/Mass 21E Site Assessments

Axiom’s environmental professionals perform Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (e.g., Massachusetts 21E Site Assessments) for purchasers, sellers and lenders to satisfy a Superfund requirements for landowner liability protection related to real estate transactions. The assessments are performed to identify whether releases and/or material threats of releases of hazardous substances and petroleum products likely exist at the property under conditions that would be subject to enforcement actions if brought to the attention of appropriate regulatory agencies. Axiom has managed large portfolios of Phase I Site Assessments for major financial institutions in New England.

Site Characterization, Subsurface Investigations and Remediation

Axiom has designed and conducted site investigations to evaluate the source, nature and extent of hazardous substances and petroleum in structures, soil, ground water, surface water and indoor air, including vapor intrusion assessments. Axiom has performed risk assessments and feasibility studies, including bench-scale and pilot-scale studies, to evaluate alternative remedial action alternatives and design remedial actions to meet our clients’ goals. Our services include regulatory negotiations, permitting, construction management, post-construction monitoring and operation and maintenance of remedial systems. Axiom has designed in-situ soil and ground water remedial actions as alternatives to soil excavation and ground water extraction and treatment systems. In-situ treatment is typically less costly, less disruptive, and less hazardous and also eliminates potential future liabilities associated with wastes shipped to off-site facilities.

Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) and Licensed Site Professional (LSP) Services

Axiom has provided clients with the following MCP services related to releases of oil and hazardous materials:

  • DEP Release Notifications
  • Limited Removal Actions (LRA) and Immediate Response Actions (IRAs)
  • Numerical Ranking, Tier Classification and Tier I Permits
  • Comprehensive Response Actions, including feasibility studies
  • Remedial Design, Construction, and Operation and Maintenance
  • Human Health and Ecological Risk Characterizations
  • Preparation of Response Action Outcomes and Activity and Use Limitations

Axiom also has prepared Beneficial Use Determination (BUD) applications for construction and demolition wastes (asphalt, brick and concrete) to allow the wastes to be used as secondary materials at the site of generation.


Environmental Compliance Audits/Spill Prevention and Response Planning

  • Spill Prevention and Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans
  • Facility Response Plans and RCRA Contingency and Emergency Plans
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • Community and Worker Right-to-Know Plans
  • Ground Water Protection Plans